Sixtel Kegs are our strength here at Exton Beverage. We have the most complete and specialized selection in the state. (Not all available)

Call for availability: 610-363-7020 Request-A-Beer (If you're looking for a specific beer and we don't currently have it in stock, we'll be glad to get it for you.)

The following list of sixtels are now on clearance. These kegs are older and dated. Please know that all sales are FINAL!! Buyer beware and informed before purchase!! We will not refund money on any of these kegs regardless of condition the beer may be in!!

These Kegs On Sale Now As of May 21, 2018


1/6 Kegs on Clearance   Retail Price Born On Sale Price
Dogfish Head 61 Min IPA 1/6 Keg $109.00 9/29/17 SOLD!!
Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale 1/6 Keg $82.00 8/24/17 SOLD!!
Flying Dog Dbl Dog 1/6 Keg $116.00 8/14/17 SOLD!!
Sierra Nevada Summerfest 1/6 Keg $79.00 5/15/17 SOLD!!
Flying Dog Raging Bitch 1/6 Keg $121.00 10/11/17


Goose Island 312 Wheat 1/6 Keg $79.00 10/13/17 $40.00
St Boniface Libation 1/6 Keg $97.00 8/29/17


Two Roads Honey Spot 1/6 Keg $83.00 6/13/17 SOLD!!
Alesmith Mt Crushmore 1/6 Keg $85.00 7/17/17 SOLD!!
Long Trail Limbo IPA 1/6 Keg $101.00 5/17/17 SOLD!!






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