Black Friday BCBS Release!

November 29, 2019!

Doors open 8am!


Exton Beverage would like to announce the 2019 Goose Island BCBS release details!! This years allotment has shrunk a little from last year as the wealth has been spread out in the market area.

We will have 2019 BCBS Orig Stout, 2019 BCBS Mon Chéri Stout, 2019 BCBS Café De Olla Stout, 2019 BCBS Wheatwine Ale, 2019 BCBS Reserve Rye and 2019 2-yr Reserve (very limited!).

We have 5 tiers available as follows...


Tier 1 (1st 5 in line)

12-2019 BCBS Orig Stout, 6-Mon Chéri Stout, 6-Café De Olla Stout, 3-Wheatwine, 3-Reserve Rye, 1-2yr Reserve.


Tier 2 (next 7 in line)

5-BCBS Stout, 5-Mon Chéri Stout, 5-Café De Olla Stout, 2-Wheatwine, 2-Reserve Rye, 1-2yr Reserve.


Tier 3 (next 12 in line)

4- BCBS Stout, 3-Mon Chéri Stout, 3-Café De Olla Stout, 1- Wheatwine, 1-Reserve Rye


Tier 4 (next 15 in line)

3- BCBS Stout, 2-Mon Chéri Stout, 2-Café De Olla Stout, 1-Wheatwine, 1-Reserve Rye


Tier 5a (next 20)

2-BCBS, 2-Mon Chéri Stout, 2-Café De Olla Stout


Tier5b (next 20)

BCBS Vertical 4pk contains 1-2017, 1-2018, 2-2019 BCBS Stout.


Tiers 5a and 5b can chosen one or the other.


The last two years some of our guests have gotten in line on Thanksgiving night. We welcome you to do so again. Please be respectful of our parking lot and local ordinances concerning consumption and such. 😉

Exton Beverage Will once again be providing breakfast sandwiches around 7:30am on Black Friday.

We will also have some Goose Island repack on hand with some giveaway for folks in line.

Exton Beverage is excited to host another special release and look forward seeing many of you again!! Cheers!

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